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How to Build an Empire with Customer Decision Journey?

October 8, 2017


If you want to win in today's business market, you as a marketer need to be customer focused. How do you do this? By simply thinking from the customer's perspective to create an insight-driven customer decision journey. Hi, I'm #DavidHo, and we're going to talk about the customer decision journey.


In this video, we'll explore how to think from the customer's perspective. We'll discuss how to create a buyer persona of your most important customers, determine customer decision journey stages to understand how they progress through their decision-making process, choose strategic touchpoints to connect with customers at key moments of influence, and develop relevant messaging that's customized for each touchpoint and creates an emotional relationship with your brand.

Will Digital Brand Planning Ever Rule the World?

September 30, 2017


In this video, #DavidHo explains how interactivity and connectivity have prompted a dramatic evolution in online advertising. You will learn that the early online advertisers saw the Web as a simple acquisition channel for converting consumers driven there by brand activity elsewhere. #DavidHo outlinse how advertisers who could not sell their products directly online began to shift their focus from sales to brand measures such as preference and awareness. #DavidHo then detail some of the new formats that emerged.

Perencanaan Merek Digital - Modern Marketing Principle

December 6, 2017


Pada awalnya, para pengiklan online memandang saluran media digital sebagai saluran langsung kepada sasaran pasar, jadi tujuan marketing utama mereka adalah penjualan atau sales. Makna dari setiap interaksi diukur dari berapa banyak produk bisa terjual.


Tapi bagaimana jika tujuan Anda bukan sekedar menuntun pelanggan Anda menuju akuisisi? Mungkin saja Anda ingin memperbaiki image dari merek itu dengan mengasosiasikannya dengan sesuatu yang positif seperti modernitas atau gaya.

Content Marketing Fundamentals - Getting Started

September 5, 2017


Digital media and the rise of social channels have started to blur the lines between what is seen as content and what is seen as advertising. In ‘commercial content’; content is designed to promote an advertiser’s product or service.


Media owners (like TV companies and magazines) have been producing commercial content for decades. In fact, newspapers have been producing commercial content for over a hundred years. At the same time, brands and advertisers have also been producing content, often using creative agencies and production houses to create material and information designed to promote their products and services.


In many cases, this ‘advertiser content’ usually takes the form of adverts, but the fragmentation of media consumption and the increase in the number of ads produced has made many marketers consider new ways to promote their message. In short, marketers and brands are trying to create content that consumers want to watch to gain more effective cut-through in such a crowded media landscape.


Content Marketing Fundamentals on Defining Goals and Measuring Success

September 5, 2017


If you don't define up front how you're going to measure success, you can never know if you've actually obtained it. And first and foremost, something you need to realize is that content marketing is about a lot of different efforts.


When you evaluate, you've got to also focus on what didn't work. So that the next time, you can change your strategy. If you don't evaluate, you're never going to improve. And that's why we can put this in a circle, because the hope is that on your next effort, your next piece of content, your next big campaign, we're going to hope that you evaluated it enough, that you'll know if it's better, how you're going to improve it. Then, you can go forth and find more success for your content.

Mobile Marketing

September 1, 2017


An industry sharing to 120 SME players at the Online Marketing Class organised by Selangor Information Technology E-Commerce Council. 15 August 2017.



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