Employee development guidance and template for marketers and marketing teams

Marketing skills development guide and template

Employee development guidance and template for marketers and marketing teams

Smart Insight UK's research shows that many businesses have implemented or are planning digital transformation programmes to take advantages of the opportunities of digital media and technology to increase sales.

The latest research shows that only 8% have had a digital transformation plan in place for longer than two years and 21% have just started.

One-third of businesses are preparing to start their digital transformation program.

This practical guide was created to support our clients throughout the digital transformation process.

It's clearly structured in seven sections to step you through the process of initiating and running a digital transformation programme.

This guide is for marketing leaders including CMOs, Vice Presidents of Marketing and CEOs in medium to large organisations that are working to transform their approach to become more digitally focused.

The guide is structured to help step you through the process of reviewing current approaches, making the case for change and investment and then managing this change.

The 7 recommended steps for digital transformation are:

  1. Proving the need and making the case for transformation
  2. Benchmark current digital marketing capabilities
  3. Define the best structure digital marketing activities and process
  4. Define resourcing requirements
  5. Change processes to support digital integration
  6. Manage change for digital transformation
  7. Optimizing performance across integrated channels

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