Develop Your Strategic Planning Skills

Develop Your Strategic Planning Skills

You will learn about the Business Strategy and Organisational Leadership Skills.   

Learning Outcomes from this self-paced learning path:

  • Learn how to plan for and anticipate consequences and trends for your business.
  • Discover how to curate information, identify issues, and forge relationships.
  • Learn how to commit to a course of action, develop alternatives, and use facts, resources, and organizational values to achieve your goals.

eBooks Titles:

  1. Leading with Vision by Bonnie Hagemann
  2. Strategic thinking by Dorie Clark
  3. Strategic Partnerships by Benjamin Gomes-Casseres
  4. Setting Business Unit Goals by Mike Figliuolo
  5. The New Age of Risk Management Strategy for Business by Dan Weedin
  6. Transformational Change by Aaron Dignan 

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