How To Run An Effective Webinar

How To Run An Effective Webinar

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According to a research report on content marketing, a concrete way to measure the success rate of your webinar is to check how many people took the desired action of the whole campaign. [8]


You can then report the results by plotting the costs incurred in preparing and promoting the event against the traffic driven, or even against the actual conversions made. [8]


For instance, if the objective of the webinar was to drive traffic to a particular webpage, you can check analytics on how many people clicked on the link provided at the bottom of the webinar video and promoted during the session. [8]


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If you are concerned about plateauing revenue, reviewing your marketing spend to get the best ROI, and looking for a predictable lead generation system to generate consistent leads. [11]


And of those marketers who have attended or hosted a webinar in the past, an overwhelming majority ( 87 % ) claim that they (the webinar) are an effective strategy for lead generation. [2]


Download the 2019 Benchmarks Report later at the bottom link [12] to see if you are performing well against competitors who also leverage webinars as a content marketing strategy. 


This can help you improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and discover more creative ways to reach out to your target audience. [3]


When developing your content strategy, part of the key to success is having variety, measuring each format 'success, and regularly updating your content plan. [6]

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In your social media page, you could also promote webinars and create an enticing hashtag to inspire people to get involved. [7]


Run Facebook ads: promote your webinar through Facebook and/or Instagram ads and send out the invitation link to people who are more likely to be interested in it. [3]


Create a Facebook or LinkedIn group / page and reach out to other businesses and bloggers asking them to promote the event to their audience. [3]


For this, you would need to run a marketing campaign to promote it across various digital channels, such as social media, emails, landing pages and podcasts. [8]


You might have a following on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube but, have they officially given you their contact information for you to directly promote your message, products, or services to them? [9]


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Also ensure the speaker provides the presentation a few days before the live event as some webinar platforms prefer that the presentation is loaded into the platform itself prior to the event itself. [4]


A week or so prior to the live event, host a dry run to ensure everyone understands their roles, responsibilities and the equipment is working properly. [4]


Also, tell them to send their finished work on a deadline - three days before the live webinar works just fine. [3]


You don't want to use a platform that will crash if you are expecting 100 + webinar attendees to show up to your event. [12]


As the webinar host, attempt to think of all the potential issues that could go wrong leading up to the event / during the event and have a plan to mitigate that risk if it does indeed present itself. [4]



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CTAs - You'll need to create some calls to action to add to your blog content that people can click on to register for the webinar. [2]


To start recording your webinar, you need to come up with the webinar content and then choose the webinar provider that will allow you to do so. [3]


Knowing what a webinar can do or cannot do is the best way to create a successful webinar that gathers the attention it needs. [3]


When constructing your webinar sales funnel, you will need to think of the whole process from signup to the subject and your call to actions inside a webinar. [3]


Once you accomplish this part of the how to create a webinar process, you are sure to host a successful webinar. [7]

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You can also ask for suggestions and recommendations from potential attendees and then choose a topic that you are particularly well - versed in. [11]


Asking potential attendees about what they want to hear or know about is one of the best ways to come up with captivating topics. [11]


If you pick a topic which your audience does not enjoy, it will become more exhausting to attract even a few attendees. [7]


So, they may not be able to attend your first webinar and/or the topic may not directly interest them, however, in a series, there may be a time / date that works better for their schedule and/or a topic that more closely aligns with their interests. [4]


A webinar series is a set number of webinars that may span over a certain period of time that focus in on a variety of topics related, or tangentially related, to your company's product and services. [4] 

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Another best practice for your slide deck is to build in a clear agenda at the very beginning so everyone watching knows exactly what to expect. [2]


Now it's time for you and your team to begin building out the slide deck you'll use as part of your presentation. [2]


Once your slide deck is done and you know what you want to say, make sure you do one, two, or even three practice run - throughs with your colleagues. [2]


If you 've decided to create a traditional deck for your webinar, aim for no more than 30 - 45 seconds spent on each slide. [6]


Using a visual slide deck is one way to keep your webinar attendees engaged, but it by far is not the only way. [12]

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However, there are occasions where a webinar is not live but is presented as live, or you can get a pre - recorded webinar. [3]


Do you have to download software to view the webinars? 


Integrating Zoom meetings or Zoom webinars with Eventbrite allows attendees to register for your webinar, they will be redirected to Eventbrite to complete payment after which they will receive webinar joining details unique to them. [9]


Send the audio recording from your webinar to a transcription service like Rev and post the indexable transcription to your website after you embed the recording of the live event. [6] Or you can upload your video onto YouTube for the transcription.

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Right behind that, we see that 69 % of webinars provide a list of resources that their webinar attendees can download. [12]


Perhaps a book, case study, report, ticket, or any resource that would have cost them some extra resources to acquire but is free for all webinar attendees. [9]


On giving engaging webinars, Ken Molay made the point that your voice conveys your presence. [0]


After your webinar, you'll be able to see how long your attendees stayed with the webinar presentation as their live screen (so you can see if you kept everyone engaged the whole time or pinpoint exactly where they started to drop off). [6]


But if you want to spur engagement and help people get to know you, I truly believe in showing up on screen for at least part of your webinar. [5]

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With the use of a variety of images, and by introducing only one topic in every slide, your audience will stay alert and involved. [7]


In a presentation, the audience can see you and if there's no visual slide, their attention will be focused on you. [0]


If you stay on a single slide for too long, you'll almost certainly lose people's attention or run the risk that they'll believe the screen should have advanced but something's broken. [6]


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Olivia Mitchell used twice as many slides as she would for a face to face presentation - she had 85 slides for a 30 minute presentation, and most of these slides had some animation. [0]


In a face to face presentation, Olivia would physically point to the item on a slide that she want people to look at. [0]

This is better than printing out your slides in the Handout option because the slide number is shown next to each slide. [0]


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If there's another company or specific person in your industry you admire, take the time to see if they're doing webinars and, if so, watch and take notes. [6]


You may also find ideas from a competitor's webinar that are a little off - base or have failed to provide value. [11]


If people paid to attend your webinar and they loved it, you can upsell them by asking them to take a look at any of your other more expensive webinars in their areas of interest that will give them even more value. [9]


If your webinar has viewers, you connect with them, address their objections, give them something valuable, and set yourself apart, then it's time to include a clear and concise call - to - action. [11]

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Big Market webinar statistics showed that 41 percent of attendees prefer attending 30 minute - long webinars and 44 percent prefer webinars to last up to 45 minutes. [3]


According to the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report, almost 17 percent of registrants sign up more than 15 days before the live webinar and about 29 percent register on the day of the event. [11]


Moreover, webinars hosted on Wednesdays ( 30 percent ) and Thursdays ( 25 percent ) prove to be the most successful. [11]


Research showed that the best time to host a webinar is mid - morning at 11 am which had the highest attendance rate - at 24 percent. [3]

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It explains a few easy but effective ways to get great lighting for your webinar (and any other indoor video recording you want to do ). [5]


If you are planning to be on camera during your webinar (and I hope you are! ), good lighting goes a very long way. [5]


If you already own a high - quality DSLR camera that you want to use as your webcam, there as an option for you. [5]


For example, when your face is on screen during your webinar, you want the light in front of you, not behind you. [5]


Of course, lighting can get much fancier (and yes, pricier), but if you are ready to take things to the next level, check out the lighting setup in my broadcast studio at [5]


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Send another one or two in the middle of the week - Day 5, and Day 3 to prepare them for it and one on Day 1 as a reminder email. [3]


Use their contact details to send them a welcoming email and two or three more webinar reminder emails along the way. [3]


This can include sending a follow up email to all attendees the next day, or a link to the recorded webinar for them to go through again as a reminder of your offerings. [8]


Once the webinar day has arrived, they can click on the link sent to them through a reminder email at the appropriate day and time and join the webinar. [3]


The other way is by following up, usually with an email sequence or in case of high - ticket sales a personal call / email. [3]

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If your webinar topic does not inform and engage your audience then you will be wasting your time and their time. [9]


On one hand, you do not want to waste time and money communicating your webinar to the wrong audience, and on the other hand, you do not want to miss communicating about it to the right audience. [9]


Do not avoid talking with your audience during your webinar, even when you want to stay focused on your script alone. [7]


Your webinar will happen so fast that if you do not allocate time purposefully for interaction with the audience this opportunity will be missed. [9]


People are highly distracted, and you need to ensure that you communicate what your webinar will be about for immediate commitment. [9]


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If you can build trust with leads using a webinar, you're much more likely to develop long - lasting, lucrative customer relationships. [2]


If you 've been searching for new and creative ways to attract new leads to your business, consider hosting a webinar. [2]


Not only will a well - done webinar impress your existing audience, but it will also provide your business with a fresh batch of leads to nurture into becoming customers. [2]


When customers trust a brand, they're more likely to stick with it -- according to a recent study, nine of 10 customers will turn to a new supplier if they lose trust in a company. [2]


The downside is that company - hosted webinars have flooded the zone, forcing companies to go above and beyond to earn the trust of the leads they're wooing. [2]