Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

A marketer's guide to running structured AB & multivariate tests to boost results from websites

Many research shows that despite the tools available, the majority of businesses aren't active in running structured tests on their websites, aimed at increasing leads and sales.

With this guide, we’re looking to encourage more businesses to step up their testing activities at higher capability levels and develop more sophisticated continuous, optimization programs.

What is CRO?

In the guide, we define CRO as:

"The process of seeking to improve the commercial returns from websites using a series of structured tests and improvements"

The original name was 'Structured Testing and Optimization'" since it's about increasing revenue and profitability of a site that is the true focus, but marketers prefer to use this term CRO.

Who is the CRO guide for?

This guide is aimed at anybody looking to understand more about the process of structured testing and how to set up a process and select tools to run structured tests or use it more effectively. It will help:

  • Marketing Heads and Directors that hold budgets and need to understand more about what’s involved and the business case
  • Managers responsible for getting better results from their website who want to learn how to set up a process
  • Designers and Information Architects who are looking to develop a data-driven approach to web design

The structured testing approach recommended is widely applicable across business categories ranging from FMCG to B2B, e-commerce to not for profit.

The guide includes:

  • A practical introduction to Split testing, which is the best way to get started with CRO for most businesses
  • A maturity model for you to assess website optimization from Optimization expert Craig Sullivan, covering Culture, Process, Testing and Analytics focus, Insight methods and mission
  • Setting up an optimization process and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Running and managing tests
  • Recommendations on free and paid analysis tools for each step of the process with the focus on Google Analytics

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