Customer Persona Guide & Template

Customer Persona Guide & Template

Examples and good practices to help you create better marketing personas and customer journey maps

A customer persona is an essential online branding and conversion tool that helps businesses create more customer-centric, less product or company-centric web experiences.

As we talk to marketers when training and consulting, we’re surprised how many companies and their agencies are still not applying this technique.

It tends to be a "big business" approach, but we think the approach can and should be used on a more DIY approach in smaller businesses too.

This guide aims to inspire more use of the techniques by showing good practices, examples, what to watch for and where to find out more.

The guide has also been bundled with a template so creating your own personas as is easy as filling out each box with the relevant information.

Together, they help agencies and consultants improve their use of design personas, and also enable companies to specify their business requirements from personas when using internal or external resources.

Who are the guide and templates for?

This template will be useful for both agency and client-side marketers to help them create compelling customer personas for their marketing plans. The template has been designed to be particularly useful for:

  • Digital marketing managers, who can use the personas generated by the template to help create a marketing plan.
  • E-commerce marketers, who want to structure their attempts to boost conversion rate by more effectively targeting given segments.
  • Small business owners or startup marketers, who need to define customer personas for their business.
  • Agencies or consultants, who need to create or review the customer personas of their clients.
  • Brand marketers.

Sector examples covered by this guide include:

  • B2B Buyer personas and careers personas
  • B2C including brands, retail, financial services

The persona guide uses the following structure:

  • Personas defined including different types of personas
  • Examples of personas for different types of company including consumer, business-to-business and not-for-profit/public service
  • Customer journey and touchpoint mapping examples
  • Making the business case for personas
  • Detailed examples of these key customer persona analysis and experience development techniques:
    • Technique A: Customer journey mapping
    • Technique B: XY characteristic mapping
    • Technique C: Assessing buying behaviors and motivations
    • Technique D: Quantified persona values assessment
    • Technique E: Content mapping against lifecycle and content needs

What does the persona template include?

Our persona template is structured into the following Excel tabs:

  • An introductory ‘Read Me’ tab
  • The persona template
  • An example B2C persona
  • An example B2B persona
  • The buyer persona template
  • An example B2B buyer persona

Latest updates as of 21st March 2019

  • Formally two separate resources, our persona template has now been bundled with the customer persona guide so our members have everything they need in one resource.
  • The guide has been improved with the addition of B2B and B2C customer touchpoint maps for customer journey analysis.
  • The template has been improved with the addition of the B2B Buyer Persona template, with an example included.

If you are interested to get a preview of this Customer Persona Guide and Templates, please contact us here.


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