Digital Media Options Cheatsheet

Digital Media Options Cheatsheet

Review your use of the latest digital and social media options for promoting your business

The sheer number of organic and paid media options and updates makes it difficult to know whether you're missing out on the best targeting options and whether your marketing budget could be better spent.

This Digital media cheat sheet from Smart Insights is to help you to keep track of the free and paid media options so that you will not missing out on any of the latest developments so that every 'hands-on' marketer is aware of to test the latest approach to improve marketing for their business.

This Cheat Sheet to the digital media features a section for each of the main social networks and Google covering:

  • The name of all the main organic and paid media options for promoting businesses on each of the main social networks and within Google (SEO and Google Ads)
  • A summary of its purpose, e.g. what content formats and targeting it offers
  • The date was first launched
  • Current rollout to different types of business and countries
  • Links to relevant help sections on Facebook, Google, etc to find out more and get started using the feature

The Cheat Sheet is for:

  • Anyone who works with social media platforms and wants or needs to keep up to date with the latest platform updates
  • Social media managers who are working day today on social media platforms or on social media strategy, so they know which new features they can use in their social media campaigns
  • Marketing managers who want to increase their knowledge of social media options they could include in their marketing plans

Which platforms does the cheatsheet cover?

The template has separate sections showing the latest updates across all of these vital digital marketing platforms which are popular with consumers and businesses:

  1. Google: SEO and Google Ads
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook (organic and paid options)
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter (organic and paid options)
  6. LinkedIn (organic and paid options)
  7. Pinterest
  8. Snapchat

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