E-commerce Success Mapping

E-commerce Success Mapping

Use Iskhikawa / Fishbone diagrams to review and improve your Ecommerce effectiveness

About our Success Map templates

This template introduces an analytical approach which we think is particularly useful for improving results from eCommerce site marketing but can be applied to other types of sites and online marketing activities also. The technique is known as Cause-and-effect diagram, Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram.

This template includes a brief description of the technique and a full example template is provided for the range of levers that can be used to improve performance for an eCommerce site.

The first success map we have created is a top-level success map featuring the success factors most relevant for improving revenue from a transactional online business.

We have created this using generic success factors so that it can be applied to analyse any type of business with a transactional website involving the sale of services or products including online retailers, travel and financial services businesses.

We think it will also be useful for complex non-transactional businesses such as business-to-business companies using digital technologies to generate enquiries or leads since many of the decision points are similar.

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