Google Analytics Strategy Guide

Google Analytics Strategy Guide

How to use Google Analytics to increase page visits and conversion

This guide takes the learning process a notch higher and also steps you through the setup stages, focusing on how you can use Google Analytics to get better business results - the missing link in most books and the Google documentation.

This guide is designed to help companies, consultants and agencies review how they set up Google Analytics and then apply it to get better results.

This practical, in-depth guide Google Analytics guide shows you the following:

  • A step-by-step review of Google Analytics setup and customization
  • Guidance on the features which many companies fail to use
  • Advice on the reports and measures that REALLY matter
  • Recommendations on how to use Google Analytics to increase visits and conversion
  • Latest examples and changes within GA, including their implications on your business

This Google Analytics guide was designed to provide value for people of all skill levels.

Early sections will introduce features that more advanced users will be familiar with, whilst later sections will help advanced users to become power users.

The guide will be extremely useful for:

  • Digital Marketing Managers looking to improve the insights they are able to draw from Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Execs looking to learn how to use the core features of Google analytics to review key metrics.
  • Businesses owners looking to track performance and KPIs
  • Analytics Managers looking to customize Google analytics to their businesses to allow for deeper levels of understanding and insight.

This practical guide is structured around 7 key steps:

  • Step 1. Setup and customization
  • Step 2. Campaign tracking
  • Step 3. Event tracking
  • Step 4. Goals
  • Step 5. Understanding the reporting interface
  • Step 6. Typical questions and how to get the answers from GA
  • Step 7. Improving conversions

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