Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

With the Internet, even small companies can reach customers throughout the world.

Discover how our digital marketing strategy guide will help you to succeed quickly and more easily — so whatever industry sector you work in, you’ll know how to prioritize to define your initiatives for success. 

It’s packed with practical, actionable, step-by-step guidance so you can join thousands of others and create a marketing strategy that works.

By using the comprehensive, easy-to-follow strategies in this guide, you really will take your results to the next level.

Global brands like Accenture, Canon, GSK, and HSBC — and thousands of digital marketers and business owners — are using our strategic frameworks to optimize their digital marketing.

Many of our clients working for smaller businesses have grown their businesses by over 50% — these are proven strategies that you can download and start applying to your business today.

This guide is for anyone involved with shaping future digital marketing direction for their business or their clients, including:

  • Company owners and marketing directors
  • Chief Marketing Officers, marketing managers, and digital marketing managers
  • Marketing consultants or agency account managers

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • RACE Planning Framework by SmartInsights UK - a proven digital marketing planning framework, with a step-by-step guide to rapidly create an integrated digital strategy — your roadmap to success.

  • The power of targeting—how to focus your marketing on exactly the right audience, so you’ll boost your conversion rates.

  • How to get your value proposition right, so your prospects buy into your brand.

  • Why you should always build your marketing around the right vision, objectives, and KPIs (plus, we’ll show you how to forecast and create digital dashboards).

The 7 Steps of this guide explain and give examples of how to define your digital opportunity, set your strategy and take action to implement your plan.

  • 1. How to structure your plan: Using the SOSTAC® and IMPS planning frameworks.

  • 2. Review situation and performance: Identify priorities to improve by reviewing your current capabilities and results compared to competitors.

  • 3. Define your opportunity: Forecast your goals for leads and sales, set SMART objectives and define digital dashboards to check you are on track.

  • 4. Targeting: Create more customer-centred communications by defining your audience personas and selecting the best techniques and marketing technologies (MarTech) to reach them online.

  • 5. Proposition: Improve your lifecycle communications for a more persuasive, compelling brand and define your online value proposition (OVP) and marketing tech.

  • 6. Digital customer acquisition plan: Select your priorities and set the budget for investment in paid, owned and earned media to increase online leads and sales.

  • 7. Digital customer retention plan: Improving customer communications via onboarding, email marketing, and social media.

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