Making the Business Case for Investment in Digital Marketing

Making the Business Case for Investment in Digital Marketing

Strengthen your arguments to get budget by proving the value of digital marketing to your colleagues

In the main part of the guide, there are 8 different methods for justifying investment you can scan to see which you use already and which you could try.

Tips and examples of the techniques are highlighted in each section.

The guide starts by reviewing ways to help convince different types of colleagues whether they’re the MD/CEO or in finance and marketing.

Understanding their mindset is the first step in convincing them why your proposal is worthwhile.

In this guide,  different approaches are reviewed and recommend so that it can be used for justifying digital media investment to yourself and your colleagues.

Use it alongside the Business case template.

Guide structure

    • Proving the value of digital marketing
    • Types of digital investment decision
    • Making the case to colleagues
    • Convincing the Finance department
    • Convincing the Marketing Director
    • Methods of justifying investment
    • Reviewing strategic priorities
    • What if it doesn’t work?

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