Multichannel retail proposition audit & competitor benchmarking template

Multichannel Retail Proposition Audit & Competitor Benchmarking Template

Review the effectiveness of e-commerce propositions using this Excel spreadsheet

This template is for online retailers who want to review and improve the effectiveness of their e-commerce site capability, including how they integrate with the other channels which are part of today's omnichannel retail.

The template is an Excel spreadsheet structured around a review of five key factors: Price, Range, Information, Convenience and Experience which make up the multichannel e-commerce proposition. It features:

  • Read Me worksheet with instructions on how to benchmark effectiveness.
  • Proposition worksheet where you can benchmark your capability and rate your effectiveness compared to up to three competitors across PRICE broken down into subsections, e.g. price position, maintenance and monitoring, deals.
  • A customer worksheet where you can vary the weighting of the importance of different PRICE factors for different personas.
  • A results worksheet using Radar charts to show the rating of the proposition compared to competitors.
  • A calculations and reference data sheet - for review of how the model works, not for editing.

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