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Paid Media & Digital Advertising Playbook

A playbook to help you identify the steps you can take to ensure your integrated paid media investments are successful

The modern-day marketer has a large number of channels available to drive their objectives, as a result, the number of stakeholders and agency partners has also increased.

This makes integrated paid media campaigns complex to deliver to time, budget and expectation and opportunities for improved reach and targeting can be missed.

This paid media planning guide will provide marketers with a structured approach to paid media planning to help exploit these opportunities while managing the risks.

This Paid Media playbook shows you:

  • How to increase sales through lifecycle engagement
  • Reporting on media effectiveness
  • Targeting techniques
  • Media planning
  • Media optimisation

This guide is aimed at budget owners in companies managing multiple agency relationships:

  • Marketing directors and managers who are managing integrated online ‘campaigns’
  • Heads of acquisition marketing
  • Digital marketing managers

The guide will also be useful for agency directors and account managers looking to improve the delivery of their media planning and campaign results for clients.

The playbook is a short, highly actionable guide structured as follows:

  • Introduction: Increasing sales through lifecycle engagement
  • Reviewing and reporting on media effectiveness
  • Audience and targeting techniques
  • Setting objectives and reporting
  • Offer, messaging and formats
  • Media investment strategy
  • budgeting investment in media options
  • Media planning – maximising reach and conversion,
  • minimising wastage
  • Optimisation
  • Resourcing

What is Marketing Playbook?

A marketing playbook defines the types of communications, best practices and optimisation techniques that should be used to maximise return-on-investment for different marketing objectives.

The concept is based on the idea of Playbooks in sports like American Football and Baseball where the coach agrees different attacking and defensive techniques with their team which can be deployed in different situations to help win against their opposition.

In marketing, media is fiercely competitive with multiple competitors and many communications techniques which vary through time.

The larger the team in marketing, the more important it is to have an agreed approach which everyone in the team follows including different agencies working with the business.

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