Spreadsheet for Digital Marketing Planning

Digital Marketing Planning Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet to create an online marketing campaign media budget

Many businesses don't have clear, SMART objectives for their digital marketing.

Without experience, it can be difficult to know how to create a more data-driven approach to digital marketing.

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has been created to help you create a clearer acquisition plan to improve leads and sales.

The spreadsheet will enable you to create a budget for the year ahead to define and then optimize your investment in search marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, and online PR.

Using this spreadsheet will give you confidence that you have defined more realistic targets for leads, sales, and profit.

This 'hands-on' conversion-funnel based spreadsheet is designed for anyone making the case for investment in digital marketing who wants to show with more confidence the results they will get in terms of visits, leads and sales against the channels they invest in. This includes:

  • Digital marketing managers
  • Customer acquisition managers
  • Marketing managers

They require some experience of KPIs for measuring digital marketing campaigns.

The template includes these features to calculate your planned marketing outcomes from annual plans or campaigns where digital marketing is the main investment:

  • Set your overall budget and quickly adjust the percentage investment in different media channels to see the impact on your forecast results
  • Channel options available include SEO, Google Ads, ad networks (cost-per-click), display (CPM), social media, remarketing, sponsorship, email marketing, and owned media
  • Automatically calculates a response, leads, sales and profit based on media investment
  • Allows you to specify different response rates for different media channels

As explained on the ‘Read Me’ worksheet, you have a choice of different tabs/worksheets depending on how much detail you want to go into.

The detail media mix model which defines conversion models for distinct digital media channels based on a percentage budget split between channels and costs/responsiveness of media.

The details enable the main channels like programmatic, social, GDN, brand, non-brand search and remarketing to be modeled.

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