Digital Development Brief

Digital Development Brief

For specifying new site features for campaign landing pages or campaign enhancements

Today’s websites shouldn’t be static with updates every few years.

To ensure they are effective they should be dynamic with regular planned updates and tests as part of ‘always-on’ marketing.

Within the 90-day planning, we recommend you identify new development initiatives every 90 days to improve the customer experience or make it persuasive.

Each website development needs to be specified for your design and development team.

This template is based on our approach which our team has developed over the years based on our experience in agency and client business.

It’s shared to help our clients support their development activities and compare to their approach.

Without this approach, we found that often the business goals of the improvement, target audience and KPIs to measure it weren’t fully considered.

A template like this can ensure that improvements meet business needs and will ‘move the needle’.

The template is designed for those involved with implementing digital marketing strategies and plans who specify new website features, these can include both managers and execs:

  • Digital marketing managers, marketing managers or project managers in a business
  • Marketing and digital marketing executives or manage new site features
  • Account managers and project managers in an agency or business implementing improvements for clients

The template includes these features:

  • Header section with fields for campaign/project name, owner and target timescales
  • Business case section with fields for goals, SMART objectives, KPIs, target audience, and position in the customer journey
  • Technical requirements including fields for URL strategy, tracking

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