Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation Guide

Use a structured review to increase leads, sales and satisfaction from your site

It's difficult to get the right balance on a website between the visual design, user experience, content, marketing persuasion and SEO.

Many businesses fail since they don't use a balanced approach, creating an experience which fails many visitors and fails to generate the leads and sales it could.

This guide helps you to get the balance right, through explaining many inspiring examples of best practices from different sectors including B2B, retail e-commerce, travel and financial services.

All touch points on the customer journey are covered from home page, category and product pages, utility pages, forms and checkout.

This guide also shows how to review and improve performance using your Google Analytics and surveying customers.

This guide shows you:

  • How to improve your website design, messaging and content to get better results
  • How to audit your site, using an expert review to identify quick wins and other improvements
  • Changes to consider for your home page and other key pages to increase conversion
  • The best way to get your message across
  • How to use Google Analytics to increase leads and sales from your site
  • Workbook format makes it quick to review and decide on the changes you need to make to improve your online marketing results.

Who is the guide for?

This guide is designed to help anyone charged with boosting results from a website. Its primary focus is conversion rate optimization, so it will be most useful to eCommerce marketers who convert their customers on-site.

However, it does have sections designed to be useful to those who convert their customers offline.  It’s designed specifically for:

  • Ecommerce marketers looking to improve the conversion rate
  • CRO consultants
  • B2B marketers, especially those that convert their leads on-site.
  • Small business owners who manage their website and need to increase the number of leads or conversions.

How is this guide structured?

The seven steps are:

  • Step 1: What do we want our site to deliver?
  • Step 2: Making your site customer-centric
  • Step 3: Improving user journeys
  • Step 4: Improving your home page
  • Step 5: Improving category and product pages
  • Step 6: Improving checkout and on-site lead forms
  • Step 7: Site optimization using Google Analytics

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