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Website Conversion & Revenue Model Calculators

Use this conversion & revenue model spreadsheet to create a budget to give you more confidence in your lead or sales forecasts

This spreadsheet includes a worksheet for startup businesses to develop their revenue model based on Cost-per-click (CPC, cost-per-thousand (CPM) or affiliate advertising models and it can be applied to eCommerce, B2B lead generation and media sites.

It also has three other worksheets for calculating the increase in leads and sales you can get from investing in conversion rate optimization (AB testing) and other digital initiatives.

The spreadsheet shows you how to:

  • Forecast leads, sales and profit to create business plans for startups
  • The forecast predicted target leads and sales to make the business case for investment in digital for existing businesses
  • Automatically calculate expected returns for best and worst-case scenarios

This spreadsheet is aimed at helping:

  • Owners and founders of startups looking to estimate their revenue potential
  • Marketers creating digital marketing plans who want to forecast sales improvements
  • Marketers responsible for getting better results from their website who want to estimate improvements in leads and sales

The template includes 4 separate worksheets:

  • 1. Basic conversion model for B2B or B2C sites
  • 2. Multichannel conversion model for sites with the phone or in-store sales
  • 3. Online business startup revenue model calculators
  • 4. Conversion optimization business case model – determine lead or sales increase

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