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Website Conversion Optimization Planner

Plan structured tests and experiments to improve results from your site

Many sites are only occasionally updated, but companies who are serious about getting the best returns from their websites have a structured programme of testing.

Use this conversion optimization planner with the Improving results from your website guide to help plan, manage, and review your tests.

This template has been created for marketers of all levels to use, in a joint effort with their development team when planning, managing, and reviewing website tests. Marketers who will find this template particularly useful include:

  • E-commerce marketers looking to improve the conversion rate
  • CRO consultants
  • B2B marketers, especially those that convert their leads on-site
  • Small business owners who manage their website and need to increase the number of leads or conversions

There are two documents included in the download:

  1. Test plan/Review sheet (Word) - This is a change request form to help define the requirements for a test.
  2. Test planning time (Excel) - This summarizes all the tests and the results.

If you are interested to get a preview of this Website Conversion Optimization Planner & template-for-test request, please contact us here.


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