Content Branding Guide - Goals & CTA

Content Branding Guide

Goals and Call-to-Actions Exercises


The purpose of the accompanying Content Branding Guide Worksheet is to help you create your own customized Content Branding Guide.

This Guide will make your content strategy more successful and your content creation process easier, from ideation to execution.

The process of answering these questions will help you hone in on your content marketing goals, target audiences, brand voice, unique value proposition, and calls to action.

The Content Branding Guide you will produce can help you develop content that will speak directly to the target audiences you need to reach in order to achieve your goals.

Your Content Branding Guide should also help your team and any partners you work with creating content that will tell your brand story in a consistent and compelling way.


Your content strategy must be rooted in your goals.

Each piece of content that you produce should serve the needs of potential or current customers and your goals equally.

The calls to action included in your content will be determined by your goals.

Exercise A:

Answer the following questions:

  • What are your organization's top three goals for growth?
  • How can your content serve your goals?
  • If you have sales or traffic goals, what are they and where do you need to drive consumers to secure conversions?

How Content can help you achieve your goals

Remember, anything you create has the potential to help you achieve your goals for growth, but that content must first and foremost offer something of value to the people you are trying to reach.

To spark interest and increase the chance for engagement, use story-based examples whenever possible. Your content should exemplify:

  • The challenges that your target audiences are facing;
  • Reasons why you understand those challenges (and empathize);
  • An experience that demonstrates your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness;

  • How you can help audiences achieve the successful results they want to see;

  • What a successful result looks like (or what life will be like for consumers after their problem is solved with help from you).

You must always include clear calls to action that tell how to take the next step toward getting your guidance.

Note: Calls to action should be created within the template or design as often as possible. For example, the page template may include a form in a sidebar. Or you may include a pop-up with a newsletter sign-up form that appears as the user scrolls down the page. Research shows that calls to action are more effective when they are designed elements rather than copy within the body of content.

Calls to Actions and the Goals they work toward

Every piece of content should have a call to action. Look at your goals and craft calls to action that will help potential customers take the next step towards solving their problem with your help and expertise on their side.

Exercise B:

For every goal you have, craft a different call to action that will tell audiences how to take the next step.

Extra credit: tailor each call to action for your different audiences.


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