Introduction to Content Branding Guide

Introduction to Content Branding Guide

A Content Branding Guide is a customized internal resource that will help make your digital marketing strategies more successful.

The Content Branding Guide Worksheet will help your organization establish and hone a distinctive brand that sets you apart from your competitors online.

As you complete this process, you will create your own customized Content Branding Guide.

This document can help your organization achieve your goals for growth by doing a better job of attracting and engaging your target audiences with your digital content.

You Need a Content Branding Guide. Here’s Why...

Too few organizations are giving adequate thought to how their digital content represents the brand and how that content can better serve their target audiences.

Content Branding Guide is referring to all website copies, blogs, and resources you create and publish, as well as any other content you are sharing through other digital channels (social media, email, PR outreach, etc.).

A Content Branding Guide is an important resource you can use to guide the development of all your digital marketing strategies to maximize ROI while also ensuring that your digital content communicates your brand’s unique value to your audiences.

The Guide will also serve as a valuable internal resource that can bring consistency to all content created for your brand by your team, as well as by any vendors and freelancers.

The Relationship Between Content, SEO, and Digital Marketing

Strategic, high-quality digital content can build brand awareness in your niches, grow your reach, help attract more site traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions.

But first, build a solid brand and complete thorough target audience research.

All of the digital content that you create and share today strongly influences your search engine visibility (SEO, Search Engine Optimisation).

Stop over-focusing on keywords and to start honing in on the relevance and usefulness of your content to the end-user.

Even if you’ve done thorough keyword research to find search terms you should be incorporating into your site architecture, blog posts, and landing page copy, you need to know how people are searching for those terms and why so that you can do the best job of providing what they are looking for.

You must work to uncover opportunities specific to your niche audiences and then create content that serves those needs in a way that is better and more useful, more in-depth than any other site out there.

Involve Key Decision Makers and Team Members in this Process

Though decisions governing audiences, business goals, and core messaging should all be determined by senior or executive level managers in the company, everyone on your team can help make this process successful.

It is best to involve anyone who has regular direct contact with your current and prospective clients like your sales team.

Team members who have regular direct contact with your target audiences can provide valuable insights because they know the questions that people ask over and over again.

The real questions that people ask, the hopes and fears they share, and the stories they tell your staff about their lives are all indicators of who your niche audiences are and what kind of content will serve their needs.

Every aspect of your unique value proposition may not be self-evident to members of your team.

There may be enormous gaps in the way your organization perceives itself and the way you present yourself to the world.

Here is a simple example of that. I once encountered an educational program for boys that did not notice their website never explicitly mentioned that they did not admit female students. The staff wondered why they kept getting calls from parents of girls.

This may seem like a silly oversight, but it is a fact that we all have blind spots, particularly about ourselves. Something that may seem obvious to you about your business may not be communicated clearly to others.

You can avoid these gaps by inviting an outside perspective during the content branding guide development process.

It may be helpful to have a consultant, friend, or colleague from another industry lead you through the workshop exercises so that they can ask follow-up questions when your answers may not be clear to someone outside the organization.

Application: How Should the Content Branding Guide Be Used?

We believe that answering firm questions about your brand will help you ensure that any content you develop and publish online will be right for your organization and right for your audiences.

That knowledge will make you better prepared to develop a content strategy that will achieve your goals for growth.

We cannot underscore enough the importance of having a distinctive brand identity in today’s digital marketplace. Competition for attention is fierce.

You must stand out by serving your niche audiences with content that shows them who you are and why you are the best organization to serve their unique needs.

A Content Branding Guide is a tool that will help your business firmly establish its brand and clarify what sets it apart from competitors.

That will help you create a distinctive approach to digital storytelling that is much more likely to help you achieve your goals.


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