Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Content Marketing Strategy

Create a structured plan to reach and convert more using the power of online content

We believe creating engaging content is one of the most powerful online marketing techniques available today since it fuels many inbound marketing techniques:

  • SEO
  • Paid search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization

A content marketing strategy has the benefit that it doesn’t seek to improve one channel in isolation — which is the case if you have separate SEO, social media, email marketing or company website ‘strategies'.

Instead, it gives a multi-channel life-cycle engagement strategy, unifying all your digital marketing communications to support customer acquisition, retention, and growth goals.

A coherent content marketing plan will reduce the need for separate plans for individual digital marketing activities.

Yet our research shows that less than half of businesses have a content marketing strategy, meaning they're missing out on the opportunity to plan, manage, and optimize their content marketing.

This training program shows you both how to develop a strategy to deploy content across all your online marketing and gives practical tips to make it happen:

  • Features a workbook format with checklists to makes it quick to scan to develop a strategy
  • Covers both content marketing strategy and practical implementation tips
  • Shows you the tools and techniques needed to create your social media hub
  • Highlights key recommendations important to strategy
  • Shows examples to inspire you from a range of B2C and B2B markets

The content marketing strategy training program has been designed to be useful for those using content marketing to fulfill all manner of digital marketing objectives, such as SEO, CRO, and social media marketing.

It will be highly useful for those working in a number of marketing roles, including:

  • Content marketing managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketing executives
  • SEO managers
  • Email marketing managers
  • Content marketing consultants

The 7 steps covered in this guide are:

  1. Content Marketing capability audit and setting goals
  2. Define audiences and personas
  3. Create your content marketing strategy
  4. Editorial management
  5. Create compelling content for your content hub
  6. Content distribution
  7. Evaluate and measure ROI

If you are interested in this Content marketing strategy training program, please contact David Ho here.

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