On-page SEO & Copywriting

On-page SEO & Copywriting

Help content editors improve how they create & update copy for web pages to improve their ranking in the organic search results while keeping the copy persuasive for human readers

There are several ranking factors that affect on-page copy. Each factor affects the way you structure your content, but balancing all of them while you're trying to write engaging copy can be difficult. This is especially true if you are editing existing content on your website and trying to restructure copy so that is is SEO friendly.

This training course is a practical workshop to help content editors improve how they create and update copy for web pages to improve their ranking in the organic search results while keeping the copy persuasive for human readers. It's aimed at improving the consistency and use of advanced on-page SEO techniques.

We will provide a template in Microsoft Word format so that it can be amended to add notes or examples to tailor it for your own in-house copywriting guidelines to make it more relevant for your industry, agency.

How is the copywriting workshop is structured?

The workshop is in three sections.

  • Section 1 is a 10-step structure for content writers to use when planning and creating content for a page. In time, each step will become second nature.
  • Section 2 gives more specific guidance on individual ranking factors. You may want to combine some of the detailed factors with the first part if you want a single list.
  • Section 3 gives a one-page summary example of SEO / style guidelines for blogging, without the guidance, that you can adapt for your organization. We recommend adding example posts that follow these guidelines to bring-it-to life.

Who is the copywriting workshop for?

This workshop gives a step-by-step process of 10 success factors to follow for content creators, editors, and reviewers who aren’t SEO specialists but need to know the basics of which factors they can influence to rank higher in the search results. They may also be looking for more details on how copywriting can be used to increase ranking.

Our main reason for developing this workshop for our participants was the need to improve standards of copywriting for SEO in marketing teams of larger organizations where several people who aren't usually SEO specialists need to create and review web pages. However, marketers who are part of SMEs and need a quick overview of SEO ranking factors when creating content will also benefit from using this workshop.

If you are interested in this On-page SEO & Copywriting workshop, please contact David Ho here.

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