Online Customer Acquisition

Online Customer Acquisition

Create a structured plan to acquire new customers online

Acquisition marketing today can seem complex and daunting.

The pace of change, the plethora of established and evolving online channels and a variety of consumer devices means lots of decisions about where to best invest your budget need to be made.

All the issues vying for your attention across SEO, social media, content marketing, online adverting and online PR can, unless you are careful, push you into the detail before you have stepped back and got a grip on the bigger picture - that's your online acquisition strategy.

This training course features a structured approach to creating an online acquisition plan by reviewing current performance; defining the right KPIs to control acquisition; creating a media and content engagement strategy; creating a zero-based budget model and reviewing attribution and tracking.

The acquisition training course covers these seven steps:

  • Review current acquisition effectiveness
  • Set targets, objectives, and KPIs
  • Acquisition strategy for audience targeting, customer journey and value propositions
  • Acquisition strategy for media and content
  • Model results and creates an acquisition budget
  • Implement and manage acquisition media and content plan
  • Optimize performance and review tracking

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