Successful SEO

Successful SEO

A comprehensive, practical training program for everything related to SEO

If you get it right, SEO can be a fantastic, relatively low-cost way to drive quality visitors who want to do business with you to your site.

Even with all the hype about social media, many businesses and blogs can deliver well over half their traffic and conversions from SEO through their SEO and content marketing mastery or the strength of their brand.

As marketers, we need to keep reminding ourselves how incredibly important search is and invest in the right resources, techniques, and processes to compete.

If we don’t, then there will always be more SEO-savvy competitors who are investing to ensure they deliver the best results from the search engines.

This comprehensive training program to Search Engine Optimisation best practices isn't just for SEOs, the clear explanations mean that it can be used by marketers to ask the right questions to boost their SEO.

Our comprehensive training program gives you all the latest details you need to review the SEO for your business.

But not too much detail...

It's designed to be quick to scan with highlighted definitions, SEO strategy recommendations, and practical tips for:

  • Marketing, e-commerce and digital marketing managers who need to understand and improve SEO to help review the key issues to discuss with their in-house team, agencies or consultants, i.e. it will help marketers ask the "Smart questions" to improve SEO results.
  • Making sure they are aware of the last Google changes and techniques.

To help get or keep your SEO on-track, this training program provides:

  • A workbook format with all the questions you need to ask to help get better results in Google
  • The latest on avoiding or escaping the major Google algorithm webspam updates including Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird
  • Ensuring you rank for smartphone searches following Google’s April 2015 ‘Mobile-friendly’ algorithm update
  • Clear explanations of the jargon for non-specialists plus highlighted key recommendations and best practice tips to action
  • Checklists of success factors to review internally or with your agency
  • Tutorials on how to use Google Analytics to improve results
  • Many examples of what works and what to avoid
  • Recommended tools to help improve your SEO

This training program shows you:

  • Step 1 Do an audit, plan and set your goals
  • Step 2 Make sure the engines can find your content
  • Step 3 Get your on-page optimization right
  • Step 4 Create awesome content for SEO!
  • Step 5 Get more quality links using content marketing
  • Step 6 Refine your internal linking
  • Step 7 Improve SEO through Analytics

If you are interested in this SEO training program, please contact David Ho here.

If you are interested to purchase and download the full training notes of this training program, please click here.


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