Audit Template for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Audit Template

An example of a social media audit and a blank template to audit your social media marketing

Every successful marketing strategy starts with a detailed audit.

After all, how are you supposed to improve if you don't know how well you're currently doing?

This is especially true when formulating a social media strategy.

The fast-paced nature of social platforms means that you constantly need to review your performance and optimize your posts if you want to become a thought leader in your industry.

Managing social media updates as part of content marketing activities takes time.

You want to make sure you are focusing in the right places and getting the returns on your investment.

That's why our Microsoft Word social media audit template helps you review the effectiveness of your own social media activities, or for your clients.

There's also a full example report using a fictitious company that are looking for more clients in their sector.

Who is this social media audit template for?

This audit template has been created for all digital marketers who are involved in creating a social media strategy for either their own company or a client and will be involved in that strategy's implementation. This includes entry-level executives and social media specialist, all the way up to social media managers who can use the audit to pitch a strategy to senior stakeholders.

The audit template includes two downloads:

  1. The main audit template document, that includes a blank table for you to fill in and an example of how a fictitious company - Health Recruitment Ltd - would fill in their information.
  2. An example social media audit report, again completed with the information for Health Recruitment Ltd.

These two documents can be used together or completely separately, depending on your needs.

We recommend using the main audit template to conduct top-level analysis that can be presented in a concise format.

Then if you need to record more detailed information, or present the report to a client, complete the social media audit report.

Alternatively, you can work through the report document and complete the audit template so that it serves as an executive summary.

The audit includes:

  • Reach: Goals for social media following
  • Content: Your best and worst content, and what engagement these pieces earn
  • Page setup issues: What actions should be prioritized to improve your social profiles
  • Internal processes: Checklist for your internal workflow
  • Competition: Review of how your competitors are using social media
  • ROI: The return on investment you are earning
  • Critical issues: A final summary of actions to improve your overall social media process

Latest updates

This content is evergreen and has been updated into our latest style guide to improve readability.

An instructional page has also been written for the audit template to guide you through each section if you are only completing a top-level audit of your social profiles.

If you are interested to get a copy of this Social Media Marketing Audit and Example, please contact us here.


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