Facebook Advertising 2020

Facebook Advertising 2020

A practical workshop to learn the opportunities that exist for advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks with over two billion users and it offers tremendous reach to influence both consumers and businesses. 

Yet algorithm updates mean that organic reach levels are at an all-time low - brands need to pay if they want better visibility of their social updates in the newsfeeds, even to their own fans.

Brands can still set up Facebook Pages and enjoy some organic exposure free of charge, but as a platform, Facebook is now very much “pay to play”.

This also means that advertisers can reap the benefits that the Facebook Advertising platform can offer.

For example, retargeting your messages to previous site visitors is only available via advertising.

The aim of this practical workshop is to provide an overview of the opportunities that exist for Facebook advertisers.

It is not intended as a step-by-step workshop to creating ads and campaigns, more to look at best practices.

Facebook’s own online learning platform, Blueprint, provides continually updated step-by-step guidance should you need it.

This workshop is aimed at marketing professionals involved in setting media strategy including those working in:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • E-commerce

The workshop is also helpful for small and medium businesses who may want to consider the options for investing in Facebook Advertising.

This workshop follows a comprehensive 10-step structure:

  • Step 1: An introduction to adverting on Facebook
  • Step 2: What goals can we achieve using Facebook advertising?
  • Step 3: Targeting using Facebook
  • Step 4: Placement: Where and when will my ads appear?
  • Step 5: Ad types and what they offer
  • Step 6: Bid types: What are the options on bidding?
  • Step 7: Tools – How are ads created? Understanding the Ad Manager, Power Editor, and Business Manager
  • Step 8: Creative Best Practice
  • Step 9: Tracking and Reporting: How do I know if my ads have been effective
  • Step 10: Resources

If you are interested in this Facebook advertising training workshop, please contact David Ho here.

If you are interested to purchase and download the full training notes of this training workshop, please click here.


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