Template for Managing Social Media Plan Example

Managing Social Media Plan Example Template

Use this example social media plan to rapidly create your own plan

Most businesses today have a presence on the main social networks.

But having a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest is just the start of a managed approach to social media marketing.

Often we see that social media updates are neglected or there are the wrong type to grow a business using social media.

In short, there isn’t a social media strategy and a plan for the day-to-day operational management of social media.

Creating a social media marketing plan will help you make the best use of social networks with the limited resources you have available.

This example social media plan is a Microsoft Word download so you can quickly edit it to form your own plan.

This template is designed to be a practical model you can quickly apply to your business or your clients' business. It will help you make the best use of social networks with the limited resources you have available.

Template structure 

  • Introduction - One-page summary plan example
  • Step 1 Vision and long-term goals for social media
  • Step 2 Examples of specific targets for each social network targeted
  • Step 3 Resources and tasks needed to implement a plan within 3 and 6 months
  • Step 4 Define targets for social media update frequency and content types to support content marketing plan and keywords targeted for SEO
  • Step 5 Specification of outreach activities
  • Step 6 Examples of tools and services for managing social media

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