Smarter Facebook Marketing

Smarter Facebook Marketing

How to grow your business by engaging Facebook users

Facebook is a global phenomenon, it doesn’t need an introduction when it has over one billion active monthly users worldwide.

For marketers engaging these users with their brands is an increasing challenge.

How do you make the most of this opportunity to market your brand?

That’s what this training workshop focuses on.

This training workshop will teach you how to create a plan for managing Facebook communications in your company.

It will help you grow your following and use Facebook more cost-effectively.

This practical workshop will help you:

  • Set up and review a business page that makes the most of Facebook’s features
  • Create a plan for managing Facebook communications in your company or for your clients
  • Grow your fans and engage them through your status updates
  • Use Facebook advertising cost-effectively (See our separate Facebook Advertising 2020 Guide for more details)
  • Encourage sharing and advocacy amongst your fans
  • Encourage sales through Facebook

Who is this training workshop for?

  • CMO’s will get a high-level view in certain sections, as will marketing managers.
  • Social media managers and execs can use this guide as a bible for their Facebook strategy and approach.
  • Small and medium business owners can also benefit from this guide, as it gives both a strategic and practical approach.

The training workshop includes 7 steps that aim to help you with a true all-round understanding of Facebook Marketing.

  • Understanding the mindset of Facebook users to better persuade them to engage
  • Sections on using Facebook to Reach, Interact, Convert and Engage your audience
  • A checklist of 10 key techniques to improve the marketing effectiveness of your Facebook Page
  • Tips and ideas on the best types of content to share
  • Packed with examples from a range of companies in different sectors to inspire ideas on the best types of content to share

If you are interested in this Smarter Facebook marketing training workshop, please contact David Ho here.

If you are interested to purchase and download the full training notes of this training workshop, please click here.


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