Workbook for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy Workbook

Bring structure to your social media efforts to support your business

This workbook will help you and your business to:

  • Create a strategy to prioritize your social media marketing activities to support business aims
  • Define measures and KPIs to help manage your digital marketing
  • Review the best tools to analyze and manage your social media marketing
  • Review and decide on the practical changes you need to make to your social media communications to improve results

Who is this workbook for?

Social media managers and those without (or with a small) social media presence.

How is this workbook structured?

The practical and ready to use templates in this workbook will help you create a social media strategy and define KPIs.

Our workbook is structured using these 7 Steps explained in our more detailed ebook:

  • Introduction – Setting the scope of social media marketing
  • Step 1 – Set business goals for your social media marketing
  • Step 2 – Create your social media strategy
  • Step 3 – Social listening and online reputation management
  • Step 4 – Define content and engagement strategy
  • Step 5 – Define social media communications strategy
  • Step 6 – Define approaches for the core social media platforms
  • Step 7 – Social media optimization (SMO)

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