Template for Social Media Report

Social Media Report Template

Quickly write a detailed report for your social media campaigns with this simple template

By reporting on your social media performance, you’ll be able to show how your brand (or your client) is generating conversation and interaction online through a variety of profiles.

You’ll be able to show how fast your followings are growing, what kind of posts get people talking, and which profiles are leading to goal completions in analytics.

This social media report template, made in PowerPoint, walks you through each step of the reporting process.

Once you have input your information in this template you will be ready to report detailed social campaign statistics and summarize any further actions that will ensure continued success.

This template has been created for marketers who are responsible for reporting and relaying information about social media performance to other stakeholders and team members.

It is also useful for agency executives and managers who are reporting to clients.

This social media report template uses the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • What to know and prepare before you start
  • Social performance summary – summary of changes and actions
  • Channel comparison – how does organic traffic compare to other channels through time?
  • Account overview – summary of social account performance
  • Facebook – a detailed look at how to report on the performance on your Facebook Page and its top posts
  • Twitter – a detailed look at how to report on the performance on your Twitter profile and its top posts
  • LinkedIn – a detailed look at how to report on the performance on your LinkedIn profile and its top posts
  • Network referrals – how many sessions on your site are from users who arrived via social media?
  • Conversions – which social platforms and campaigns are contributing towards your goal completions?
  • Attribution with a multichannel funnel report – are your social media campaigns contributing to assisted conversions?

At the bottom of each slide we have used the notes section to explain why the information should be included in the report and the methodology/menu options so you can access the same information yourself.

If you are interested to get a copy of this Social Media Report Template, please download it here.


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