Remote Online Learning Digital Marketing Program

Digital Marketing in a Time of Crisis

Upskill your marketing department with our advanced digital marketing virtual-blended training program.   

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, companies with a fully optimized digital strategy have quickly adapted to the "new normal". We adopted Dr. Dave Chaffey's RACE Planning Framework to help your business easily move into digital marketing. Learn how to Implement the RACE Framework to achieve your digital transformation strategy with our Remote Online Learning and On-the-Job training program - trusted by 3,000s of marketers in South East Asia!

These eGuide help you learn new digital skills and deliver fast results!

Create a campaign plan

Create a comprehensive campaign plan to brief an agency, consultant, or internal teams

How to create a lead nurturing strategy

Lead nurturing is a crucial part of any well-structured email strategy

3 killer conversion boosters for e-commerce websites

Your category and product pages are critical decision points for your customers.

If you don’t persuade them to act, you’re missing dozens of chances to grow your revenue ever day.

Create a multichannel marketing plan

These tried-and-tested frameworks will help you structure your plan so it is quicker for you to complete and easier to be understood by your colleagues

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