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Posted by David Ho on Thursday, 14 May 2020

Question #1 from a Marketing Agency.

Hi David,

Understand that it is costly to run FB Leads Generation campaign. How to budget for this type of campaign since there is no fixed rate to work on?

[David's reply]:

There are 15 Simple Ways to Lower Your Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) with Facebook Ads!

We all know why CPL is important, especially if you’re only just realizing you might be wasting money on Facebook campaigns.

It’s important to see how your Facebook Ads investment is impacting your / client's business’ bottom line. Use Facebook Ads Purchase & Leads Breakdown dashboard is an easy way to find out: it shows your leads and purchases by a campaign, alongside your cost per lead.

A Dashboard Example:

Here is 15 Proven Ways for Lowering Your Cost Per Lead from Facebook Ads:

1. Set your campaign goal to lead generation

2. Limit the number of form fields
3. Narrow your target audience
4. But don’t go too niche
5. Limit your ad placements
6. Target people in the middle of the funnel
7. Run retargeting campaigns
8. Use a lookalike audience
9. Boost organic Facebook posts
10. Use audience targeting to craft ad copy
11. Take advantage of customer testimonials
12. Write engaging headlines
13. Direct people to a giveaway
14. Improve your page’s load speed
15. Run A/B tests


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